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A Newbie Says "Hello"

Just found this community and decided to join. There's not much to tell. But here are the basics, I guess...

Nam: Beth/RedWolfGoddess
Age: 41
Gender: Physically Female/Bi Curious
Location: Upstate/Central New York

How long have you been pagan?: I started studying Paganism about 5 years ago. I dedicated myself to it completely 3 years ago. My initial focus was Wicca, but I now tend to combine Wicca with Stegheria as well as other beliefs, so I guess you would call me an eclectic witch.

When did you start having an interest in it?: I have always had an interest in magik and mysticism, spell work, astrology, tarot (I have been reading tarot for 19 years), once I finally started studying about the religious aspects of these disciplines, I took to them right away.

I look forward to chatting and meeting new friends.
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